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Rebar Estimating Services

We are a unique rebar service company specializing in estimating and detailing with capabilities to provide on time, cost effecting pre and post bid rebar estimating & detailing services. We exist to help you solve your rebar problems. Does your one-ton project require rebar on-site within a week? Do you need a drawing or an emergency estimate in a few days? Does your 2-year, multi-phased project require a team of experienced detailers? We can solve that. We are confident our professionals will provide you with accurate, timely documents and service, allowing you to be successful in all your projects.

Here we strive to give our customers an accurate, detailed, on time estimate. Even after the estimating process, we are here to support the bid process. We are here to answer your calls, answer your emails and return all missed contact attempts ASAP. We know how many questions can arise as the actual bid process takes place. We do not stop there though. After a job is awarded, we can provide additional services such as detailing, tracking change orders, and doing plan comparisons.

How We Estimate:
  • All plans and dates MUST BE noted.
  • All addenda and specs must be noted.
  • All assumptions and questionable ares must be noted.
  • All estimates must be broken out by Segments and Sub-Segments as needed.
  • All estimate labels will be for “AS CAST”.)
  • All supports for slabs and beams shall be included in the estimate except for bottom layer cast against earth.
  • Contract Drawing number
  • Addendums
  • Reference Sections
  • Locations (Gridline References)
  • All mesh will be taken off without lap. (To be added by fabricator).
  • All couplers, smooth dwls, dowel bar subs to be included.
  • Any labels other than our standards shall be noted on the estimate comments page.
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Estimates done by us will only be available to the contractor or fabricator who supplies the document for estimating. All weights and breakdowns are confidential. The price of the estimate report will be based on the price sheet provided.

All estimates will conform to the CRSI Code of Standard Practice. For estimating reinforcing materials, when not in conflict with the contract documents, local or state building codes.
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