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Structural Projects

Hire Structural Steel Detailers and Save up to 40%!.

We are steel detailing company base in India providing structural steel detailing services of steel detailers, steel erectors, steel fabricators, structural consultant etc. Our aim is to felicitate companies to outsource their non-core business operations in order to stay focused on their core business competencies. Apart from saving costs, time and energy, companies can also have Higher Quality End-Product from their offshore outsourcing partners.

Further I am glad to offer you our Man Month arrangement. In such an arrangement, we dedicate as many Structural Steel Detailers as you may require for working exclusively for your company on full time basis (8 Hrs a day, 5 Days a week i.e. 160 hours a month).

Our Structural Steel Detailers Serve following Services
  • Steel building (Residential, commercial & industrial )
  • Steel roof structure (rafters, beams, columns, purling, ...)
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Steel Stairs
  • Handrails, Platforms and Balustrades
  • Steel Structures for Shop Fronts
  • Architectural Steel furniture
  • Steel Weighbridges
  • Storage bunkers and silos
  • Tanks
  • Awnings
  • Towers
  • Other plant structures.
Benefits for the same are:
  • We offer upto 40% discounts on our general rate for the required services, based on duration of association, volume of work and turn around time.
  • You will have dedicated person/persons working exclusively for you, so we will be able to deliver the completed work faster then in normal course.
  • As you will have person/persons working on all of your projects, the learning level will be very high and learning from one project will be carried forward to the next project. This will again give you much higher expertise in your work and will take lesser time in understanding your requirements.

Our Structural Steel Detailers follow all type of Codes and Standers as per the requirement of the drawings.

If you want to outsource or hire structural steel detailers please contact us and save up 40% low cost!!

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