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Structural Projects

Structural Engineering Services - Outsource Structural Engineering Design & Structural Drafting Services - Outsource Structural Engineering Design Services

Structural Engineering Services for Structural Drafting, Design and Detailing projects

Indeed, myriad Structural Engineering Services providers are surviving in the domain of our operations but also, handful of them comprehends the nature of these services. At Structural Drafting India, we acknowledge the value of innovation, industry standards, contemporary machinery and adept workforce that’s why we retain and believe in doing the same as well. From distinct areas of a Structural Engineering Design and analysis, we receive preliminary, conceptual and detail designing projects because the clients rely on us and our proficient workforce is predominantly intended to delivery industry’s top-notch Structural Engineering Design services. Being a veteran company, we firmly believe in maintaining the world-class standards in terms of quality, reducing the designing time frames and overall cost. Our expertise lies in offering top-notch design and drafting services tailored specifically for different types of structures, including concrete, wood, pre-engineered metal buildings, and steel structures. We have a wide range of solutions available that cover various aspects such as structural drafting, structure design, steel detailing, 3D modeling CAD, and construction documents. In addition to that, we also provide services for preparing detailed construction documents, fabrication drawings, shop drawings as well as other detailing needs. With our comprehensive range of services, we are committed to delivering excellent results for your building projects.

Our preeminent designers prop up all the phases of Structural Engineering Design process that includes modelling to analysis of pre-existing designs and construction documentation.

At Structural Drafting India, our primary structural engineering services includes:

High Rise Structures
For all sorts of commercial and residential buildings, we carryout designing and analysis procedures enforcing modernised tools and industry’s standard design. Moreover, we also utilize in-house built tools. Mainly we cover the following services.

  • Steel, RCC and Composite Structures
  • Prefabricated Building Systems

Industrial Structures
So far, our unrivalled team of professionals did numerous industrial projects including machine foundations and load bearing structures. That’s why our quintessential industry segments aren’t limited to:

  • Oil Refineries
  • Composite Structures
  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Generating Units
  • Equipment Foundations
  • Printing Press Services

Custom Homes
Utilizing location standards and applicable codes, our specialists carry out the designs of custom homes and their analysis

  • RCC Homes / Masonry Homes
  • Industrial Structures Design and Analysis
  • Design and Analysis of High-rise Structures - Steel frame - RCC structure - Composite structure - Prefabricated house system
  • Retrofitting and Rehabilitation of Structures - Epoxy treatment - Seismic retrofitting - FRPC wrapping - Intensity assessment using NDT - Rehabilitation of buildings
  • Peer Review Services
  • Structural Shop Drawing Services
  • Custom Home Design and Analysis
  • Structural BIM Consulting and Design Services
  • Structural Fabrication Drawing
Our Methodology:
  • Our qualified engineers retaining extensive experience undertakes the overall responsibility of preliminary, conceptual and detailed design projects.
  • To finish the project, our electrical and structural designers and project engineers will work with your primary contacts.
  • To meet the laid requirements and structural standards, our skilful engineers will adapt their structural analysis approach. The principal objective behind adapting this methodology is to allow the input of information in the form of a graphical interface.
  • To develop a communication plan and design standard we work with our engineers to ensure repeatable, consistent and high quality performance.
  • Our experts channelize all their resources and means to extract the expected result that perhaps is in the form of layout of plans, elevation and structural detail drawings.
  • The result will be in the form of tabular and graphical output that will flow seamlessly.

Maximize the efficiency of your structural engineering projects by outsourcing to Structural Drafting India. Our comprehensive services cover everything from design and analysis to 3D modeling, all at a fraction of the operating costs. By partnering with us, you can significantly reduce project lifecycles while maintaining top-notch quality.

Take advantage of our expertise and streamline your operations for optimal results. Our esteemed team of experienced structural engineers is dedicated to providing top-notch structural engineering services to businesses across the USA and Europe. With their extensive expertise, we guarantee reliable and efficient solutions for all your structural needs. Trust us to deliver excellence in every project we undertake. By outsourcing your structural engineering services to our reputable firm, you can tap into the expertise of inventive and experienced engineers.

With 19 years of industry experience, we have a deep understanding of technical standards and boast a team of skilled engineers who specialize in structural design and analysis. From preliminary to detailed design projects, our highly qualified architects, engineers, software experts, consultants, and managers collaborate seamlessly to turn your rough ideas into revolutionary designs that adhere strictly to building codes. Rest assured that by choosing our services, you're setting yourself up for exceptional results on your projects.

Today, Structural Drafting India is proud of its services and we can guarantee you utmost benefits, from low operating cost to high-quality services. Since 2007, Structural drafting company India providing professional structural engineering design to the structural engineers and architects. Our team of dedicated structural engineering consultants is committed to meeting the intricate requirements of our esteemed clients worldwide, ensuring outstanding outcomes. They prioritize understanding your specific industry and business objectives, ultimately aiding in streamlining your design process and minimizing operational costs. Contact Us to get more details about our low price structural engineering design services and sample.

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