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Structural Projects

Structural Analysis Services - Structural and Stress Analysis Services

Structural drafting India specialized in structural analysis services. Our expert’s structural analysis engineers support cost effective structural analysis services to architects, builders, construction supervisors, users, and occupants of a structure all depend on accurate structural analysis in determining the physical integrity of a structure. The specific structure may be a house, an office building, a bridge, tunnel, tower, or even an airplane or ship. Structural analysis ensures that the particular structural design will withstand the stresses and forces, both internal and external, that it is designed for. Thus, known parameters are implemented in examining the safety and longevity factors of a particular structure.At Structural Drafting India, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive proficiency in every aspect of structural analysis.

Our expertise spans across various disciplines, enabling us to handle projects of any scale and working with a wide range of materials. Rest assured, we stay up-to-date with the latest codes, standards, and methodologies to deliver top-notch results for our clients. At Structural Drafting India, our goal is to be your unwavering support system and deliver unmatched quality for your project every step of the way. Our dedicated project teams are equipped with extensive engineering expertise and design capabilities. We take your initial requirements or calculations and transform them into a meticulous final design. With a team of skilled engineers and subject matter experts, we offer comprehensive structural analysis services, ensuring you receive a complete package that meets all your needs.

The analysis of a structure must reflect an accurate estimate of all the anticipated strengths and weaknesses of a structure. The analysis will determine volume limits, as well as linear and surface strengths and weaknesses of structural components, including the strength of columns, walls, connectors, beams, braces, and roofs.

Structural analysis is based, in large part, on immutable physical laws. A correct structural analysis most often results in the over-building of a structure. The main goal of the structural analysis process is to compute the internal forces, stresses and deformations of any given structure. By inputting certain facts pertaining to the materials used, support conditions, structural loads and geometry, a resulting equation can be compared to know failure criteria. At Structural Drafting Group, our team of highly experienced structural analysis engineers brings together decades of expertise. They work closely with our experts in various other disciplines, creating a well-rounded and collaborative environment. This interconnectedness ensures that our clients receive comprehensive and reliable solutions for their projects.

The structural analysis three approaches as below:

  • The Mechanics and Strength of the Materials Used
  • Elasticity Methods
  • Initial Analysis: At Structural Drafting India, our team of skilled engineers excels in performing accurate load determinations and precise calculations. We go above and beyond by providing you with a comprehensive report that includes crucial details such as support conditions, material properties, and more. Our dedication to delivering thorough information ensures confidence in the structural integrity of your projects.
  • Advanced Analysis: Our team of expert structural engineering specialists goes above and beyond to ensure a thorough analysis of industrial machinery. From dynamic response and stability to non-linear behavior, we leave no stone unturned in providing detailed reports. With our advanced analytical approach, you can trust that the insights we deliver will be comprehensive and reliable.
  • Design Simulation: Our team specializes in simulating designs using real-world operational scenarios. Through our meticulous use of finite element analysis, we provide invaluable recommendations to ensure the stability and reliability of your design models. Trust us to deliver accurate and practical insights for optimal performance.
  • Specific Conditions: At Structural Drafting India, our expert team specializes in evaluating various conditions that can affect the structural integrity of designs. We meticulously analyze factors like earthquakes, vibrations, harmonic stress, and other environmental loads to ensure that our designs are sustainable and built to withstand these challenges. You can trust us to provide you with thorough evaluations and valuable suggestions for optimal design sustainability.
  • Specialized Structures Analysis: In addition to offering comprehensive reports on minimum retirement thickness, our expertise extends to various areas such as stadiums and long-span structures. We are well-equipped to provide valuable insights and solutions for all your project requirements.
  • The Finite Element Approach

Structural and Stress Analysis Services:

  • Structural Analysis : In-service analysis, Pre-service analysis (lifting & transportation) using STAAD.Pro
  • Analysis and Design of steel structures for petrochemical plants like pipe rack/pipe bridges, technological structures, specialized packages like metering skids, WHRU units, flare packages, equipment support structure, etc.
  • Foundation Design (Static) of heat exchanger, horizontal vessel (Single/Stacked), vertical vessel, storage tanks, skids, pumps.
  • Structural design calculations report.
  • A comprehensive structural analysis are performed as per relevant codes and standards.
  • Special analysis and design are performed as per project requirement for Blast conditions.
  • Structural analysis of FPSO topside modules / skids for operating and installation design conditions.
  • Structural Analysis of Pre-Engineered Buildings: Industrial Sheds, Warehouse, Cold storages, Aircraft Hangers, Industrial Structures consisting Cranes and Mezzanines etc..
  • Design of connections & retrofitting of existing structures.
  • General Arrangements and Erection drawings.
  • Fabrication & Shop drawings (Single part or Assembly drawings) with BOM.
  • Lifting & Transportation drawings (as applicable).
  • Appurtenance drawings.
Advantages of structural analysis:
  • Structural Analysis can be used to study any kind of system, text, or material
  • Timely project delivery: We value your time and strive to complete projects within the agreed-upon deadlines without compromising quality.
  • Attention to detail: Our meticulous approach ensures that every aspect of the structural analysis and design process is carefully examined, leaving no room for errors or oversights. When you choose Structural Drafting India, rest assured that we will provide an outstanding level of service that goes beyond your expectations.
  • Our project teams are meticulously assembled to leverage the finest talent available, ensuring exceptional results for your project. We go the extra mile by including subject matter experts who guarantee that all design specifications are meticulously accounted for, and that the final product fulfills each and every one of your requirements. With us, you can rest assured that your project is in capable hands and will exceed your expectations.
  • Our project team is highly skilled at scaling to meet the needs of any project size, whether it be a massive multi-span bridge or simply providing a double-check on calculations you've already done. No project is too big, too small, or too complex for us to handle with efficiency and success! Whatever your requirements may be, our team is here to support you and ensure that your goals are accomplished seamlessly.
  • To ensure a smooth and reliable experience, I suggest implementing structural modifications that would effectively prevent any potential failures. By carefully analyzing the existing infrastructure, we can identify weak points and make necessary adjustments to enhance the overall stability of the system. Taking proactive measures in this regard will not only mitigate risks but also contribute to long-term success and resilience.
  • Accurate record keeping, meticulous documentation, and stringent document control are crucial elements in maintaining a well-organized and efficient work environment. These practices not only ensure compliance with legal requirements but also provide a solid foundation for decision-making processes. By implementing meticulous record-keeping standards, you can enhance overall productivity and streamline workflows, ultimately leading to better outcomes for your organization.
  • It applies equally to the Humanities and Social Sciences as well as to the "hard" Sciences, though with different connotations.
  • The methods of Structural Analysis might be different in each discipline but the basic premises, however, are the same.
  • It enables awareness to underlying structures and reveals their limiting and conditioning nature.

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