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Structural Projects

Structural Connection Details - Structural Steel Connection Design Services - Connection Design Services - Structural Steel Connection Design Company

Structural Connection Details Services - Steel Detailing & Connection Design Company - Structural Steel Connections Design and Steel Detailing

Structural Drafting India was established on 2007 as a multi-disciplinary structural outsourcing services providing company to both public and private clients also having vast expertise in structural connection detailing services. The method of join the individual members of a structure to form a complete assembly. The connections furnish supporting reactions and transfer loads from one member to another. Loads are transferred by fasteners (rivets, bolts) or welding supplemented by suitable arrangements of plates, angles or other structural shapes. When the end of a member must be free to rotate, a pinned connection is used. With our design team's expertise in fabrication and erection methods, we can truly elevate the efficiency of your connections. By paying careful attention to details, we ensure that the design not only looks good but also functions flawlessly. Trust us to deliver enhanced designs that are both visually pleasing and structurally efficient. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, our principal engineers boast an impressive 27 years of experience, including working for esteemed fabricators. They have successfully completed numerous large-scale and intricate projects nationwide. Rest assured that whatever type of project you have, chances are we've tackled something similar in the past. You can rely on us to deliver top-notch connection design tailored to meet your project's specific demands. Our company takes pride in providing a wide array of steel connection design services and solutions.

Our priority is to ensure that all connections are not only safe and efficient, but also cost-effective and easy to assemble. Rest assured that our team of experienced structural engineers will work closely with you to deliver personalized connection designs that align with your specific requirements. Plus, we understand the importance of meeting deadlines, so you can count on us to deliver within the agreed-upon timelines every time.

By dividing the connection design package into separate calculation and drawing sections, we not only provide the detailer with faster access to relevant information but also present a well-organized package that accelerates the approval process from designers. This streamlined approach not only saves time but also enhances efficiency in obtaining necessary approvals.

Experience seamless and efficient connection design with our cutting-edge range of design spreadsheets. These meticulously developed tools are designed in accordance with industry standards and have been thoroughly vetted by experts. Say goodbye to time-consuming manual calculations and embrace a faster, more reliable solution for all your connection design needs.

Our spreadsheets boast a user interface that is truly one-of-a-kind. With a focus on simplicity and convenience, it allows users to easily input data in a graphical format. But what truly sets them apart from the competition is the advanced functionalities they offer, such as revision handling and saving through VBA programming. These features give our spreadsheets an undeniable edge over others in the market.

Our design spreadsheets are meticulously crafted with the idea of controlled automation. This unique approach combines the versatility and calculation capabilities of Excel spreadsheets with the added sophistication of functional automations powered by VBA programming. This powerful combination offers you the best of both worlds, providing unparalleled control and flexibility in your calculations.

When you decide to partner with us for your connection design projects, you can be confident in receiving accurate and error-free designs and reports. Our team is dedicated to delivering the highest quality work in the shortest amount of time possible.

The majority of our structural connection work includes:

  • Partial or full structural surveys to assess and provide solutions to structural problems and defects on most types of buildings.
  • Conducting/supervising site investigations to determine ground conditions relating to new and existing buildings.
  • Structural condition reports on all types of buildings for conversion, alterations or change of use, including barns and former commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Detailed calculation report (with supporting calculations, tables and sketches) for each of the typical connection types such as Column Base Plate Connections, Beam-Column Connections, Beam-Beam Connections, Bracing Connections, Hanger Connections etc., designed in accordance with the intent or criteria and the forces specified in the design drawings.
  • Typical Connection Detail drawings in .pdf or .dwg formats with tabulated details for different member sizes where necessary, under respective typical connection category.
  • Structural Steel Connection Design.
  • Shear Connections.
  • Bracing Connections.
  • Moment Connections.
  • Seismic Connections.
  • Crane Connections.
  • Truss Connections.
  • Misc. Connections.
  • Welded Connections.
  • Connection Design Sketches.
  • Connection Design & Member Design Services.
  • Connection Design (Bolted & Welded).
  • Analysis & Design of Structures.
  • Design and detailing relating to domestic extensions and alterations including loft conversions.
  • Design and detailing of new build, extensions and alterations to commercial, educational, industrial, leisure and public sector buildings.
  • Design and detailing on buildings for conversion or change of use, including barns and former commercial and industrial buildings.
  • Design and detailing of retaining walls and other revetment systems.

Our expertise lies in designing steel connections for a wide range of structural projects. From standard shear connections to specialized conditions like high-seismic requirements, cranes, trusses, and bracing, we have got you covered. We understand the importance of collaboration with steel fabricators and strive to deliver connection designs that are not only easy to build and erect but also accurately detailed. With our efficient approach, we ensure that your detailers are equipped with all the necessary sketches to keep the project moving forward. Meeting Issue for Approval (IFA) dates is a top priority for us, so you can trust that your steel will be ready in the shop on time. Count on our experienced team to provide accurate, efficient, and timely connection designs tailored specifically for steel fabricators.

Our expertise lies in tailoring connections specifically for fabrication shops, ensuring that they align seamlessly with their practices and enhance overall efficiency. We fully comprehend the financial considerations involved in steel fabrication and erection projects, which is why we are committed to delivering connection details that not only meet the required specifications but also offer cost-effective solutions.

Our connection sketches are meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly guide for your steel detailer. We work closely with steel detailers to ensure accurate and timely completion of projects.

Our SDI connection design submittals include detailed sketches and customized calculations that are specifically designed to be clear and easy for the Engineer-of-Record (EOR) to approve. With our efficient process, we help keep your schedule on track and ensure the success of your project.

Structural connection design can utilize generic components that are readily available or custom fittings developed with a specific structure in mind. During construction, these key points will be carefully inspected to confirm that they were installed correctly, using the right materials and techniques. Inspectors can also request materials testing and other measures to confirm that the structural connections will be safe. Identifying errors early helps people avoid costly retrofits and other expensive measures that might be needed to correct structural problems. If you are contemplating a structure that requires exacting standards and specialized expertise, Contact Structural Drafting India or Send Email: info@structuraldraftingindia.com for your detailed drawings always accurate and on time.

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