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Structural Projects

Precast Concrete Column Cap Plate Detailing Drawings Services - Precast Detailing - Precast Shop Drawings - Precast Concrete Detailing Services

Structural drafting India serving precast concrete industry for over a decade. We are providing column cap plate detailing drawings services to precast concrete structures that have applications in garages, workshops, storage go-downs, commercial structures and multi-level residential buildings etc. We have professional team of precast detailers having vast experience in precast column cap plate detailing of all types of precast concrete structures using high end technology. Our drawings are a combination professional workmanship and a high quality presentation every time.

We are able to manage a vast array of precast projects ranging from simple factories to complex multi-story buildings and have the capacity to deliver projects on time.

At Structural Drafting Group, our dedicated team is committed to providing top-notch structural precast detailing services. We excel in envisioning project structures, creating detailed models, and generating coordinated layouts through concrete shop drawings. Our services cater to a wide range of clients including contractors, engineering consultants, precast manufacturers, structural engineers, and other stakeholders. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions including concrete preconstruction modeling, formwork modeling, and prefab/precast concrete detailing. By utilizing these services, our clients benefit from hassle-free documentation processes and gain a deep understanding of the entire project workflow. Moreover, our expertise helps reduce production time for enhanced efficiency. Trust Structural Drafting Group to handle your structural precast detailing needs with expertise and precision.

Column cap plates are commonly used to secure the column head to a beam using bolts driven through the plate and beam bottom flange. The plate is welded to the column head usually with fillet welds although fully penetrating butt welds would be better since this would provide the greatest restraint to bending and shear (transverse/longitudinal) at the plate/column head junction. All drawings are prepared in compliance with country specific planning and building code requirements.Precast detailing is an essential and critical phase in construction. It involves creating meticulous drawings for each precast component that will be utilized in the project. These detailed drawings provide vital information such as element type, size, location, placement, reinforcement details, and connection specifications. To develop an accurate representation of the precast elements, General Arrangement (GA) drawings are used to generate a 3D model or 2D views of plans and elevations. These precise shop drawings are then created based on the GA drawings to ensure accurate construction execution.

There are four types of column cap plated detailing drawings include:
  • Flat Column Cap Plate Detailing Drawings
  • Flat Step Column Cap Plate Detailing Drawings
  • Produce rebar models, modular construction models, and framing prefabrication models.
  • Accurate Revit-based precast element modeling for beams, columns, hollow and solid slabs façade concrete walls, etc.
  • Prepare information-rich concrete mould and precast shop drawings, and erection drawings with erection identifiers for structural members and various rebar types.
  • Generate and analyze connection details for element assemblies.
  • Develop 3D model-based precise BOQs and BOMs for various concrete grades and element types such as M20 to M75.
  • Formulate Bar Bending Schedules for various bars with data enrichment for dimensions and quantities.
  • Precast Concrete Shop Drawings
  • Precast Fabrications
  • Precast As-Built Drawings
  • Precast Wall Detailing
  • Beam & Column Detailing
  • Structural Precast Modeling Services
  • Pyramid Column Cap Plate Detailing Drawings
  • Flat Step Pyramid Column Cap Plate Detailing Drawings

Our precast detailer’s team is committed to giving you the best column cap detailing drawing services at all your precast drawing projects. We can process them and have them sent back to you quickly. Our mission is to provide clear and accurate details of your precast column cap requirements.The precast detailing team collaborates closely with architects, structural engineers, and contractors to gain a thorough understanding of the project's unique requirements and specifications. This ensures that every aspect of the design is accurately captured and executed according to the highest standards. By working harmoniously together, they bring forth a seamless integration of expertise and creativity into each project.

Contact us or send email:info@structuraldraftingindia.com to know more about our precast column detailing drawings services.


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