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Structural Projects

Precast Column Detailing - Precast Elements Detailing Service - Precast Concrete Detailing Services - Precast Detailing Service

Precast column detailing services - Structural Column Detailing Services

Structural Drafting India offers comprehensive precast column detailing services to worldwide precast industry. We have professional team having vast experience in precast column detailing all types of precast concrete structures using high end technology. Precast concrete columns may be single or double storey height building. Columns are provided with necessary supports for the ends of the precast beams. There will also be some form of connection to provide beam-column moment connection and continuity. Our precast column detailing firm is committed to excellence and employs cutting-edge technologies for superior service to its valued customers. Our precast detailing team is dedicated to collaborating with architects, structural engineers, and contractors to gain a comprehensive understanding of the project's specific requirements and specifications. By working closely with these key stakeholders, we ensure that our detailing expertise aligns perfectly with the vision and goals of the project. This collaborative approach guarantees seamless communication and a successful outcome for all parties involved.Our Precast Panel Detailing Services is an exceptional outsourcing solution designed to meet your detailing needs. Produced using state-of-the-art concrete technology, our reusable mould form ensures that each detail is accurately captured and delivered with precision. This innovative approach not only saves time and resources but also guarantees a superior quality final product. Experience the efficiency and excellence of our Precast Panel Detailing Services today.

Our precast column drawings are a combination professional workmanship and a high quality presentation every time. We are able to manage a vast array of precast projects ranging from simple factories to complex multi-story buildings and have the capacity to deliver projects on time. We specialize in the following kind of precast building projects: Structural precast concrete (precast columns, beams, walls and slabs) Architectural precast (precast staircases, balconies, walkways, etc.), Precast fa├žade / precast cladding / precast panels, Precast parking garages, Precast wall panel structures,Other general projects we work on: Residential precast buildings, Commercial precast buildings, Industrial precast buildings. Structural Drafting India is undoubtedly one of the top companies in the field of Precast Detailing Services, thanks to their extensive experience. Equipped with cutting-edge software, they have the ability to precast any type of concrete material and incorporate all necessary reinforcing details. Simply provide them with information about the material, size, drawing, and concrete quantity, and they will take care of the rest. By utilizing this advanced software, not only can they streamline the documentation process but also eliminate errors and inefficiencies typically associated with traditional methods. The end result? A precise and accurate 3D print output that will exceed your expectations.

Our precast columns detailing includes:
  • Columns can either be rectangular or circular in section.
  • Precast panel detailing (mould / form details)
  • Precast shop drawings
  • Precast fabrication drawings
  • Erection Material Requisitions
  • Rebar Detailing and Assemblies
  • Precast Brick Detailing
  • Architectural Cladding Detailing
  • Foundation Plans, Elevations
  • Erection Drawings, Sections & Details
  • Beam and Column Detailing
  • Precast erection drawings (plans, elevations, sections and details)
  • Precast connection details
  • Precast rebar detailing
  • Bar bending schedules & Quantity take-off
  • Projecting rebar can be provided for tying in to in-situ floors. Options for foundation connections include cast in base plates, dowel tubes or projections.
  • Beam support is achieved by flared heads, corbels or bolt-on brackets.
International Standards and Codes:
  • ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials)
  • ACI (American Concrete Institute)
  • CRSI (Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute)
  • AS (Australian Standards)
  • BS (British Standards)

Contact us or send email: info@structuraldraftingindia.com to outsource your precast column detailing requirements, your precast column detailing project done in the best possible way with discounted rates.


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