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Structural Projects

Rebar Concrete Lintel Designs Services - Rebar Detailing - Rebar 2D & 3D Modeling Services

Rebar Concrete Lintel Designs - Rebar Designs Services - Rebar Detailing and Shop Drawing Services

Structural Drafting India offer a wide range of special rebar concrete lintels services in exciting shapes for unique designs and feature brickwork to inspire today's architects and builders. The company conceived, developed and pioneered the rebar concrete lintel designed for the house building industry, and soon won a major share of the worldwide market. At Structural Drafting India, our rebar detailing services are second to none. We specialize in creating highly detailed drawings and specifications for reinforcement steel bars (rebars) used in a wide range of reinforced concrete structures. Whether it's commercial or residential buildings, bridges, tunnels, industrial projects, or other civil engineering endeavors, our expertise and attention to detail ensure that every project is executed flawlessly. Trust us to deliver accurate and precise rebar detailing that meets the highest industry standards. At Structural Drafting India, our team of skilled structural engineers excels in performing comprehensive structural design analysis. With their expertise, they meticulously analyze and determine the precise dimensions, spacing, and placement of rebars. Moreover, they create highly detailed structural steel drawings and specifications that encompass vital information such as rebar shapes, sizes, lengths, and exact locations. We guarantee top-notch precision in every aspect of our work.

Design Analysis for Rebar Concrete Lintels Designs

For a load bearing lintel, horizontal beam analysis is performed for the design. This analysis considers:

  • duration, magnitude, and type of loading
  • clear span required
  • cross section of the beam
  • beam composition
  • Rebar, Steel & Concrete Detailing elements we model through BIM
  • Pile, foundation, beams
  • Slab on grade & deck, column
  • CMU walls, drop panels, concrete curb, lintel, tilt-up panels
  • Concrete pad, corbel, precast elements
  • Slab with column rebar mode
  • Underground tunnel
  • Tower foundation
  • Equipment pad layout
  • Raft slab, PT (Post-tensioning) tendons
  • Studs rails, Shear walls
Special Lintels

A range of exciting shapes for unique designs and feature brickwork to inspire today’s architects and builders. The only constraint is your imagination.

  • Arch Lintels
  • Bay Window Lintels
  • Corner Lintels
Benefits of Structural Drafting India
  • Cost Saving
  • Time Saving
  • Fast understand your needs
  • Customized project process
  • Low turnaround time
  • Speedier Services Delivery
  • Support from the Experts

Structural Drafting India technical expertise in rebar concrete lintels spans since 2007. Our committed to providing first-class customer support through via the technical enquiry line. Our lintels design is a family owned and operated business services. We care about our customer's needs. We don't believe in lip services, we believe in telling the customer what we can do, and when we can do it. Our aim is to do the job once and do it to the best of our ability. We want you to come back for your next job. Just ask our customers and they will tell you. Contact us or send email: info@structuraldraftingindia.com to know more about rebar concrete lintels design services and samples.

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