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Structural Projects

Steel Canopy Detailing Design Services - Canopy Design and Detailing Service- Canopy Design Services

Canopy Detailing and Shop Drawing Services - Steel Structure Detailing & Shop Drawings Services

Structural Drafting India specializes in providing customized canopy steel detailing services as per international standards and codes. We can manage canopy steel detailing projects from start to finish. We have a team of experts and professional canopy detailers who work diligently to make each canopy steel detailing project a huge success.

Our engineering team gives surety that they can achieve the construction goals and building code requirements. Special Inspections & Design has established an exceptional track record in the field of structural engineering, particularly when it comes to the construction of ornamental canopy structures.

Our team has successfully delivered numerous projects that involved designing and implementing structural steel tube frames that support striking aluminum and glass skylights. With our expertise and attention to detail, you can trust us to bring your vision to life while ensuring optimal safety and durability.

Canopy structures, normally referred to as portable storage buildings, are an economical investment in terms of sheltering and protecting a range of other items. Some shelters such as carports and portable garages all fall under the category of canopies, and these are all a combination of a galvanized or powder-coated steel frame and a heavy-duty polyethylene canopy. These canopies on any shelter have been treated and are strong enough to withstand the elements, including rain and snowfall, as well as wind.

At Structural drafting India, we provide canopy steel detailing services with respect to construction of a building either it is residential or commercial or other. We have well-experienced and qualified project managers, steel detailers and checkers to fulfill clients’ all structural requirements for various steel structures.

Our range of services encompasses various aspects that ensure the structural integrity and functionality of your project. This includes meticulously designing and detailing the frame and connections, making sure they meet stringent deflection requirements. We also specialize in creating custom connections that effectively conceal structural fasteners, resulting in a seamless appearance. Additionally, we possess expertise in designing independent foundations or collaborating with the EOR (Engineer of Record) to verify column reactions for adequate foundation design. Our commitment extends to carefully reviewing steel shop drawings and coordinating with fabricators and erectors to address any field changes that may arise during construction. With our comprehensive services, you can rest assured that all critical elements are taken care of by our experienced team, allowing for a smooth and successful project execution.

Our team of skilled CAD experts specializes in creating precise sheet metal fabrication drawings tailored to your specific requirements for canopies and awnings. With careful attention to details like joints, connectors, weldments, and bends, we ensure that the metal fabrication process results in accurate and high-quality products. Whether you need a unique and customized hotel awning or a mass-produced industrial shelter structure, our shop drawings are crafted to facilitate the fabrication of durable metal canopies using materials such as steel, copper, aluminum, and more. Trust us to deliver long-lasting and sturdy solutions for all your awning needs.

Our success put us on the top of the leaders in providing canopy steel detailing services. We have successfully completed a number of canopy steel detailing projects globally.Canopies and awnings are more than just extensions of buildings. They serve a crucial purpose in providing protection from harsh weather conditions and are often tailor-made to complement the overall architectural design of the building. In order to streamline the construction process, minimize waste, meet deadlines, and ensure convenient installation, it is essential for metal fabricators to have meticulous shop drawings at their disposal. These detailed plans help avoid costly revisions and facilitate efficient fabrication.

The areas of our canopy steel detailing include:
  • Commercial Canopy Design
  • Residential Canopy Design
  • Shops Canopy Design
  • Commercial Malls Canopy Design
  • Petrol Station Canopy Design
  • 2D sheet metal drawings for planning, design and manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication as per standards such as ANSI, TEMA, etc.
  • Detailing to installation process drawings
  • Summary review of the entire fabrication process
  • Bends, edges, cuts, joints, etc. for steel masts, sails etc.
  • Storage Tanks/Warehouses
  • Commercial establishment
  • Institutional Buildings Canopy Design
  • Industrial Construction Canopy Design
  • Roof Canopy Design

Canopy structures can be in different shapes such as rectangle, square, umbrella shape etc. For more information about canopy steel detailing services, please Contact us or send email:info@structuraldraftingindia.com.


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