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Structural Projects

Carport Steel Detailing Design Services - Structural Steel Design & Detailing - Connection Design - Structural Detailing - Carport Design and Engineering

Structural drafting India is one of the leading carport steel detailing services provider company and we would like to introduce us to you as a pioneer of structural carport detailing drawings provider. We as a structural steel detailing firm, provides the best output with the lowest cost in all structural carport construction segments throughout the world. Our steel detailers having extensive experienced in executing worldwide carport steel detailing drawings projects. We have earned an excellent reputation for our outstanding customer service and superior quality carport steel detailing drawings.Over the years, we have successfully assisted numerous manufacturing and sales units by offering specialized Drafting services.

Our team of skilled structural engineers has handled a wide range of projects in the U. S. A., Canada, and around the world. From structural drafting to design and steel detailing, our expertise in structural outsourcing services is unmatched in the market and what sets us apart is that we provide these exceptional services at a more affordable price than others in the industry.

Our team has extensive experience in the detailed design of a wide range of building structures. Whether it's warehouses, residential properties, hospitals, hotels, industrial facilities, parking garages, commercial spaces, educational institutions like K-12 schools and universities, libraries or convention centers - we've got you covered.

We're also skilled in designing specialized structures such as cruise terminals, conveyor system structures, heliport railings and bulk-material handling systems. In addition to that, we have expertise in projects related to the oil & gas industry and even unique projects like vineyards and churches. No matter what type of structure you need assistance with - even single family housing - our team has the knowledge and expertise to provide top-notch detailing services.

A carport is a structure that can be used to store and protect vehicles from vagaries of nature like snow, sun, rain, hail and even air. A carport is an accessory structure or portion of a main building with two or more open side designated for the parking of motor vehicles. Enclosed storage facilities may be provided as part of a carport. Some carport plans allow for only one vehicle, while others are large enough to park multiple cars inside. The height of this structure can also vary based upon the type of equipment being stored.

We can do wide variety of structures carport steel detailing projects including:
  • Residential houses
  • Garage buildings
  • Structural Steel buildings
  • Shed building plans detailing
  • Storage Tanks/Warehouses
  • Assembly Drawings
  • Erection Drawings
  • Connection Sketches
  • Fitting & Fixtures Drawings/ Part Drawings
  • Fabrication and Shop Drawings
  • Structural Detailing
  • Metal Detailing
  • Steel Joist Detailing
  • Anchor Bolt Plan & Details
  • Sections and Details
  • Commercial establishment
  • Power plans/Refineries
  • Industrial plants
  • Pre-fabricated/ Pre-cast structures

Our in-house steel detailer team has enabled us to create standard carport steel detailing drawings as well as almost any wind load, snow load, and soil condition. Our engineering experience with the structures and our deep understanding of photovoltaic design and optimization will be a significant value-add and cost savings on any job.

Our carport steel detailing drawings are insuring compliance to your local building code and standards. Safety factors ware used in the drawings of the various members making us a carport steel detailing structure. Our innovative solution allows contractors, steel fabricators, and EPC firms to streamline their communication processes when it comes to structural design requirements. By effectively connecting erectors and shop managers, we ensure efficient fabrication and installation of crucial structural elements such as columns, beams, bracings, stairs, handrails, guardrails, ladders, joists, deck, truss canopy platform etc. In addition to this seamless communication flow, our platform also enables the use of electronic NC files that can be effortlessly read by your CNC machine for utmost precision in manufacturing.Our comprehensive range of services for stairs and handrails includes detailed framing plans, precise location of members, clear piece marks, helpful notes, accurate elevations, and meticulous details of column base plates and embed plates. With our expertise in this field, we ensure that every aspect is covered with utmost attention to detail, delivering reliable and top-notch results.

Feel free to Contact us or send email:info@structuraldraftingindia.com for a quote of any of your carport steel detailing projects needs.


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