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Retaining Structures Design

A thorough understanding of the interplay of material and mass properties is indispensible while working over an engineering project embracing high investment and expectation. In these respective projects, retaining structures plays a vital role that’s why they must necessitate adequate foundations in regard to their sizes. No matter whether these structures are placed, however, the materials must be assessed contemplating:

  • Strength and type of materials
  • Join and rock material compressibility along with soil consolidation characteristics
  • Bifurcation of foundation load and active, passive load estimate
  • Water effect, and
  • how these measurements are applied in large scale engineering projects

Throughout the foundation, large foundation loads are distributed with a sheer intention to minimize differential and total settlements maintaining an adequate safety factor over failure. With our extensive industry expertise, we are fully committed to delivering top-notch Retaining Wall Design Services. Our years of experience have equipped us with the knowledge and skills needed to provide exceptional quality solutions. You can trust us to deliver a premium level of service that meets your specific requirements and exceeds your expectations.

Thus far, Structural Drafting India has designed and investigated heavy foundations of bridges, power stations and retaining structures fulfilling the requisite requirements by enforcing contemporary technology, preeminent and veteran designers and investigators, an intense experience and knowledge of the work. The respective foundation materials are available in extensive range starting from residual soil to compressible soils and soft rocks to hard rocks coupled with compressible joint sets. Look no further than Structural Drafting Group for all your retaining wall design needs. Our team of experts specializes in assessing slope stability and designing effective solutions to tackle any soil type or geographical challenge. With our extensive experience, you can trust us to deliver top-notch designs that ensure the long-lasting stability of your retaining walls.

Truthfully, series of problems emerges not only during highway construction but also for constructing embankments and flyovers. However, Structural Drafting India experts perform the assigned task lucratively facing all the hitches and hardships. Apart from this, coastal canals, water crossings and defences require repairing and up gradation with sheet piling but factually it isn’t a convoluted job for our proficient and highly skilled retaining structure designers.

At Structural Drafting India, we’re skilled enough to content you with our retaining structure designing services and we mean what we say. As we know that our domain of operations is flooded with retaining structure designers and designing service providers however we magnetize clients in large and all the credit for that goes to our impressive portfolio that embraces eminent clients and companies rolling on the corporate ground since many years.

For each site, our engineers and qualified designers prepare exceptional, unique and remarkable designs to augment eternal exquisiteness of the location. Our world-class designs are unparalleled as industry’s best designers prepare them taking all the laid instructions and words of caution into regard.

Since 2007, Structural drafting company India providing professional retaining structures design to the structural engineers and architects. Contact Us to get more details about our low price retaining structures design services and sample.



Structural Drafting Services
  Preparation of Structural Drawings from Sketches, Conversion of Raster Drawings (PDF, TIFF etc.)into Vector formats like AutoCAD etc.  



Structural Steel Detailing
Steel Shop drawings, Steel Bar Joist drawings,

Shallow, Raft and Pile Foundation drawings



Structural Rebar Detailing
Structural Drafting India has rich experience of working on Rebar detailing, Steel Rebar Sizes, Concrete Rebar designing projects enabling us to take on any complex, challenging or time sensitive projects.


Structural Precast Detailing
We have extensive experience and knowledge in the design/detailing of precast concrete elements and modular construction systems including the production of shop drawings and supporting calculations


Structural Analysis/Design
Structural Drafting India, we provide reliable, effective and wide range of structural design and analysis services at affordable rates. Our in-house team of expert structural engineers and CAD operators are well versed with International building and structure standards in the area of structural design and analysis




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