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Storm Water Management Storage Design - Structural Engineering Services

Precast concrete is introduced as a material amalgamating structural strength and versatility with affordability. Being an owner or a project manager, you’re allowed to install small and large main pipelines while developing new areas by installing Underground Storm Water Storage System. Mainly, the areas prone to flash flooding and heavy rainfalls necessitate underground detention systems collecting and storing storage water that is later discharged via municipal systems at a rate complementing the current storm sewer sizes. However, in dry areas, the water is stored for droughts or when required.

The benefits associated with underground storage tanks are as numerous as are the materials and configurations used to build them. Apparently, precast concrete has the perfect solutions.

Structural Strength

  • For any structural site and for all sorts of conditions, precast concrete is appropriate
  • The numerous available combinations of installation types and design strengths mean more choices with precast concrete products
  • Project receives the structural strength
  • Precast concrete embraces 100 year design life
  • Rare floatation problems are coupled with precast concrete


  • Wide range of shapes is being offered by the concrete pipe industry to ensure that all the requirements should be met
  • Large volume of water can be controlled and handled via large pipes
  • In conjunction with structural storm water quality units, these systems can be used
  • Various speciality fittings are being supplied by the precast manufacturers

Here, at Structural Drafting India, we assist you with the storm water storage designs and will suggest you the materials intended to be utilized. In addition, our specialists will associate with you till the end of the project helping you with the designs, implementation and execution of the same. The storm water storage designs designed by our proficient professionals complement the site and site conditions. The designs of the storm water storage system will be created contemplating the laid instructions and meeting the specified requirements.

We always suggest our clients to use precast concrete while constructing the storage systems as it associates the aforementioned benefits. There’s no doubt that precast concrete delivers the expected strength and toughness that is generally expected from a storm water storage system.

Being a veteran company, we’ve satisfied innumerable clients with our highly impressive designs and unsurpassable services and all the credit for that goes to our professionals who work round the clock at times to meet the deadlines and underlined requirements.

Structural Drafting India designers and professionals are best at what they do that’s why the clients entrust with Structural Drafting India after the first meet. We’re proud to employ industry’s preeminent designers at Structural Drafting India and we believe that you must be dying to work with us.

Since 2007, Structural drafting company India providing professional storm water management storage to the structural engineers and architects. Contact Us to get more details about our low price storm water management storage design services and sample.
Structural Drafting Services
  Preparation of Structural Drawings from Sketches, Conversion of Raster Drawings (PDF, TIFF etc.)into Vector formats like AutoCAD etc.  



Structural Steel Detailing
Steel Shop drawings, Steel Bar Joist drawings,

Shallow, Raft and Pile Foundation drawings



Structural Rebar Detailing
Structural Drafting India has rich experience of working on Rebar detailing, Steel Rebar Sizes, Concrete Rebar designing projects enabling us to take on any complex, challenging or time sensitive projects.


Structural Precast Detailing
We have extensive experience and knowledge in the design/detailing of precast concrete elements and modular construction systems including the production of shop drawings and supporting calculations


Structural Analysis/Design
Structural Drafting India, we provide reliable, effective and wide range of structural design and analysis services at affordable rates. Our in-house team of expert structural engineers and CAD operators are well versed with International building and structure standards in the area of structural design and analysis




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