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Temporary Work Design - Structural Drafting and Design Services - Structural Designing and Detailing Services

Underlining the presence of its superlative Temporary work design services is Structural Drafting India. That’s why we are proud to unveil this fact that our comprehensive Temporary work design services duly fulfil the varied interests of the clients marking the beginning of a new association.

The top-notch temporary work designs conceptualized and prepared by Structural Drafting India experts communicates about the intense experience that Structural Drafting India and its professionals retain. Once the client purchases our temporary work design services automatically gets added to our list of permanent clientele because our specialists gratifies the clients to the utmost leaving them with no option just to approach Structural Drafting India again for unparalleled Temporary Work Design Services.

Primarily, Structural Drafting India is an eminent unit undertaking independent practise of consulting structural and civil engineers. That’s why our predominant area of expertise lies in the construction of buildings and other civil engineering projects; however, our adept team of experts also specializes in designing temporary structures during the construction process.

At the tender, design and construction phases of the projects, we embrace intense experience enabling us to offer advice on construction methods and cost-effective designs. This is where we surpass all the other service providers because they lack the sense intended to recognize the client’s requirements.

Although, the core of our business if formed by the temporary work designs, however, our skills in structural engineering do persuade us to design permanent structures. Thus far, our skilled professionals have designed varied structures in timber, reinforced concrete and in steel for myriad clients. Moreover, we are the proud holder of ample experience that pushes us to design temporary retaining walls, cofferdams, permanent and temporary foundations.

On the other hand, we’ve heavy civil engineering experience as well in designing hoisting, scaffolding and certainly shoring schemes applied in the construction process low and high rise building projects.

Since the moment we’ve penetrated the domain of our operations, we’ve been acknowledged as a competent team of professionals and today we’re one of the undisputed leaders of this sphere. In the past few years, we’ve served innumerable domestic and off-shore clients and we’re fortunate that we’ve worked on some brilliant projects.

Being a veteran company, Structural Drafting India cautiously follows the Government imposed laws and work within the specified boundaries. That’s why we’ve never stumbled upon any sort hitch emerged because of disrespecting the laws. All our designs are approved by the regulatory authorities and only after the approval; we take the further requisite steps.

It’s entirely our pleasure to serve the clients with the best of our services and for now we’re desperately awaiting your presence and waiting for an opportunity that you’ll give us to content you.

Since 2007, Structural drafting company India providing professional temporary Work design to the structural engineers and architects. Contact Us to get more details about our low price temporary Work design services and sample.



Structural Drafting Services
  Preparation of Structural Drawings from Sketches, Conversion of Raster Drawings (PDF, TIFF etc.)into Vector formats like AutoCAD etc.  



Structural Steel Detailing
Steel Shop drawings, Steel Bar Joist drawings,

Shallow, Raft and Pile Foundation drawings



Structural Rebar Detailing
Structural Drafting India has rich experience of working on Rebar detailing, Steel Rebar Sizes, Concrete Rebar designing projects enabling us to take on any complex, challenging or time sensitive projects.


Structural Precast Detailing
We have extensive experience and knowledge in the design/detailing of precast concrete elements and modular construction systems including the production of shop drawings and supporting calculations


Structural Analysis/Design
Structural Drafting India, we provide reliable, effective and wide range of structural design and analysis services at affordable rates. Our in-house team of expert structural engineers and CAD operators are well versed with International building and structure standards in the area of structural design and analysis




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